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Launching of SELGEM & SMARTSEL's Aidilfitri Open House

On the 13th of June 2019, SMARTSEL has officially launched the Selangor Geospatial Management System (SELGEM) Project, a joint venture between SMARTSEL and IMOSS Technology Sdn. Bhd (ITSB). SELGEM will use LiDaR technology and digital imagery to gather Geospatial data of the State of Selangor. 

The launching was held at Dewan Jubli Perak Ballroom at Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam. MBI's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) YM Raja Shareen bin Raja Othman gave the opening speech together with YAB Dato' Menteri Besar of Selangor, Tuan Amiruddin Shari.

The SELGEM Project aims to develop comprehensive database of Geospatial data of Selangor, which will be for a wide range of applications to support the Smart Selangor and sustainable development initiatives in the state. Ultimately, the SELGEM Project will help the well-being of Rakyat through improved environmental safety and health, along with many other significant benefits to Selangor. 

This is the first Aidilfitri Open House hosted by SMARTSEL. The open house was held on the same day as the SELGEM Project Launching, started straightaway after the event. SMARTSEL held its Aidilfitri Open House for clients and shareholders. The event was an excellent opportunity for SMARTSEL staff to celebrate Hari Raya in a warm and friendly atmosphere filled with a sense of goodwill.

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