Digital Network


The SMARTSEL Digital Network (SDN) is a state-owned communication infrastructure to provide local councils, government agencies, businesses and citizens accessible, affordable and reliable high speed connectivity. The SDN will enable local councils and government agencies to implement the latest in Smart City solutions such as the use of Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Applications and Platforms, all to better serve the citizens. A converged common high speed digital highway infrastructure such as this will ultimately support the greater program of Smart Selangor to transform Selangor into a Smart State. 



  • Greater bandwidth and flexibility to handle the explosion of Applications and Big Data.

  • Lower cost of bandwidth through economies of scale for local councils and government agencies.

  • Managing telco connectivity alleviates the client’s need to manage them, allowing them to concentrate on providing better service for their clients.

  • Accessible and affordable connectivity for all within Selangor.



  • Upgrading connectivity will increase the capabilities of local councils and government agencies to implement their own applications and platforms which will ultimately create a better standard of living for the citizens.

  • More people will be able to have affordable and reliable high speed internet no matter where they are in Selangor.