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Digital Telecommunication Infrastructure

Planning & Technical Expertise

The network is the heart of any business communications, application delivery, and operational agility. SMARTSEL enables the ever-changing, increasingly mobile workforce with a broad range of wireless network architecture and design services.


SMARTSEL's team of infrastructure experts and network architects works closely with our clients to understand their business visions, compliance parameters, and corporate standards for access and security.

From formulating the business case to designing the infrastructure to deploying the solution - our team will help implement and optimize a wireless strategy that keeps business communications and operations running at optimal levels. 


  • A dedicated team of experienced network specialists.

  • Up-to-date and innovative network technology and solutions.

  • Network of established and reliable industry professionals.

  • Committed to making Selangor into a Smart State by advancing state-owned entities' IT infrastructure.


Telecommunication Infrastructure

SMARTSEL aims to complement and support other industry participants to ensure uniform and healthy deployment of Telecommunications towers to improve network coverage across the state.

SMARTSEL will facilitate the construction of telecommunication towers, placed in strategic locations surrounding industrial, tourism, agroculture and residencial  areas; bringing benefit from the extended cellular coverage, as well as the fiber infrastructure that will be available.


  • Fairer and faster processing to accelerate the development of telco towers and network infrastructure.

  • Facilitates other connectivity plans such as JENDELA, Smart Selangor initiatives, and Selangor structure development plans.

  • Connecting the underserved areas and bridge the digital divide.

In-Building Connectivity


Cellular Coverage has arguably become as important as other traditional utility services - the fourth utility. 80% of cellular demand is inside of buildings, fast and reliable cellular coverage is a basic expectation of people in every property.


In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become a critical part of both carrier cellular networks and enterprise infrastructure.


SMARTSEL’s DAS solution is designed to eliminate "dead zones" or pockets within a building that lack strong wireless coverage. Our solution ensures optimal signal strength, 4G and 5G, by providing robust, ubiquitous coverage throughout the facility.


Our DAS antenna system can support a single carrier or multiple carriers (as a neutral host solution) and ensures that all tenants and visitors experience a consistent connectivity experience for their cellular devices in every area of the building.



  • Latest up-to-date technology to provide exceptional, uninterrupted coverage.

  • SMARTSEL is committed to developing 5G infrastructure in Selangor.

  • Facilitates other connectivity plans such as JENDELA, Smart Selangor initiatives, and Selangor structure development plans

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solution
IBC full.png



As our nation forge ahead in digitalization, deployment of 5G and IR4.0, fiberization will be critical and Selangor aims to accelerate this effort.


Through the Selangor Connectivity Master Plan (SCMP), SMARTSEL’s focus and role as the executer is to promote the development of Selangor’s fiber infrastructure by working with Industry partners and coordinating with KUSEL (Koridor Utiliti Selangor) the One-Stop Agency for all Utilities in Selangor. SMARTSEL and partners will facilitate the development of the fibre infrastructure in selected areas, and at the same time promoting and advocating the SCMP program for other areas implemented by other Infrastructure providers.


  • Lower risk for investors, partners, and industry participants,

  • Accelerating uniform growth in coverage, service quality with competitive pricing.

  • Facilitates other connectivity plans such as JENDELA, Smart Selangor initiatives, and Selangor structure development plans.

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