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SelTalks (1st Edition)

On the 10th of December 2019, SMARTSEL hosted their first SelTalks session at the Auditorium Dato' Seri Harun Idris, PKNS. SelTalks are a series of discussions aimed at highlighting the efforts to turn Selangor’s telecommunication infrastructure and bridge the digital divide.

This very first forum talks about “Why Selangor Needs A Neutral Internet Infrastructure Provider” and it seeks understand how to connect the Rakyat that are not connected. With almost 50 specially invited leaders from both the public and private sector attending the talk, it features a range of insightful speakers to share their views on the topic.

The talk began with a welcoming address from Mohamad Suhaimi Mohamad Tahir, Managing Director of SMARTSEL. In his speech, he talked about SMARTSEL’s vision of going the last mile in connecting the people in the rural folks, giving the same privileges as the urban folks in Selangor, going where telcos dare not to thread. He also shared the vision for Selangor to become ASEAN’S Premier Smart State by 2025. In order to accomplish this, it would require all the major players in the industry and government to come together and work side by side to make this a reality.


Highlights of the SMARTSEL's SelTalks (1st Edition)

Following the welcome address, each speaker contributed a unique point of view to the discussion.

Roni Shah Mustapha – Head of Business, Communications and Marketing Division, Cyberview – shared the company’s role as a tech hub enabler with their focus in transforming Cyberjaya into a city for piloting projects and allow citizens to participate in technology developments in the city such as Socar, Smart Traffic Lights, and LoRa (long range wide area network). He further stressed that going forward, neutral infrastrucure internet providers will be a key feature of future deployments, as it will offer affordable and accessible internet for all.


Fauzan Bin Elham – Assistant General Manager in Business Development, Selangor Industrial Corporation – shared his views on the need to build open access infrastucture in developing towns. Having heavy involvement in various smart city frameworks, he emphasised that having open network infrastructure would be beneficial, as fibre optics will be the backbone of a smart city. He futher endorsed SMARTSEL’s role in filling the gaps in the last mile where most commercial service providers fall short and hope that the industry and state government can work together to achieve this.

The talk also included presentation of token of appreciation by Mohamad Suhaimi Mohamad Tahir to both Roni Shah and Fauzan bin Elham.`


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